What's different with Solar Design Studio


Use tools to build accurate 3D models of project sites and design plant layouts


Easily create and manage multiple designs for a client without a site visit


Save time and money over labour and travel with affordable pricing plans

In the Media

Empowers Salesmen to create Accurate Sales Proposals

Just take 15 mins to generate accurate proposals from scratch at client's location Use 3D Model Viewer and simulate shadows dynamically to explain your design to customer Help your prospects understand their solar journey better and convert more clients .

Create High Performance Layouts with ease

Integrated tools make it easier for the design engineer. AI enabled optimizations can increase system yields by 10-15%. Beat the competition with higher yield designs at lower costs

The one Software Solution for all your design needs

Extremely low training time required for Engineers and Salesmen Export Sketch-up & PVSyst compatible models Affordable subscription pricing models offer great flexibility as per your need

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