Software for Solar Sales & Design

Close more deals with beautiful data rich quotations

The only software for solar you'll ever need

Make a beautiful sales quotations with an address and electricity bill

  • The Solar Labs: Mobile | Solar Software

    Mobile Friendly

    You can take inputs from clients on the road while meeting with them and generate a customized quote in minutes!

  • The Solar Labs: Hydro power generation | Solar Software

    Accurate Generation

    Estimate generation with advanced shading analysis for an accurate quotation

  • The Solar Labs: Statistics | Solar Software

    Financial Analysis

    Include payback, ROI and savings figures in your quotation based on customer category in the report. Add beautiful graphs for monthly and yearly savings to convince your customer.

  • The Solar Labs: Analytics | Solar Software

    Grow your Business

    Solar buyers receive around 10 quotations from different companies when they decide to buy. With a beautifully designed and data rich quotation, we help you stand out from the crowd.

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