Table of Contents

Gather Site information

Collect client data

  • The basic customer details are captured and used here to create the project. 
  • Start the project with or without prior survey as we have the satellite imagery to provide the roof details. 

Electric Bill Requirements

  • Load the consumption estimate based on your customer’s electricity bill and location. 
  • Tariff escalation can provide more accuracy to your report. 

Weather file selection

You will have an automated weather file uploaded for the given location that is a standardized meteonorm file.  You also have the choice to upload your own weather files from the listed formats, 

  • SolarGIS 
  • NREl 
  • 3Tier 

Preliminary Design in 3D

Satellite imagery as base map

A clear picture of your customer rooftop can be customized with the imagery upload feature. 3 choices of maps available including Google, Bing and Esri.  

Also, custom images can be added too. This has a clear vision than the other modes. 

Multiple sources of maps

Create rooftop in 3D

A real-time response in 3D for the modelling done in 2D is available at any point of designing. It confirms our 2D design matches the installation specifications. 

Auto Panel layout

A one-click feature available to ensure the optimized panel layout over the rooftop. Auto-panel placement is available for commercial as well as industrial projects. 

Solar Access based optimization

This feature ensures the quality of panel placement on the roof by providing a regular color pattern over the panels. The coding is done in such a way that from green to red, the solar access decreases. Therefore, greener the layout better is the performance of the PV layout. 

Add Inverter

The interactive design enables us to do a quick search from the inventory to select the desired inverter capacity to the design. You can have a unique list of Inverters according to their make and size precisely. 

Select the inverter that suits your instalation

Financial Analysis

Energy simulation for 25 years

A complete estimate of energy that could be generated Is available. One can analyze the data for knowing or expecting the returns from the system. 

Insert pricing info

The financial analysis is made as simple as possible so that one can enter the cost in rupees as well as cost per kilowatt generation. You can also provide the subsidy that is available for the particular customer with the tax, annual depreciation and discount ratio. 

Calculate payback, IRR and ROI

All the financial metrics like ROI, Payback and Internal rate of return are generated in matter of seconds 

Send Sales proposal

Edit BOM

The software draws the BOM from the design and provides the list for you. You can see the list of components required for the installation of the designed system. 

Edit required pages

software. The ultimate thrust to sales is provided with reports and one can edit the required pages from the reports as shown. You are provided with functions to export the design to other platforms like PVSyst, AutoCAD and Google Sketchup formats or download the report from the design summary page. 

Download sales proposal