Detailed design

Table of Contents

3D modeling of site

Create accurate shapes using polygons

Simply create the structure with the polygon tool from the models. Dimension tool helps for precision measurement. Click and drag the polygons and tap on tab to enter the dimensions.

Cylindrical water tanks and turbovents

Models include polygons, cylinders, walkways and trees in it. Use the cylinders to design the cylindrical elements like vents, tanks etc. in minutes. 

Build canopies, sheds and carports

The best design interface helps you to design any roof structure say it is canopy, shed or a car port with the simple modelling tools.  

Custom Module Layout

Subarray properties with tilt and azimuth

 Sub-arrays have a group of panels in that area and each sub-array can be edited individually for better rooftop adaptivity. Vary the mount height of the structure to suit your requirement. 

Flush mount, fixed tilt mount and more

Have the choice in the panel templates for you are provided with flush mounts as well as fixed mounts. The tilt and azimuth are automated and also can be customized according to the location individually. 

Drag and drop tables

Say it to add/delete or move the panels, it is easier in the solarlabs. Click the table and you can move to any location on the roof. Visually design the system by having their 3D view handy. 

Precise shading analysis

Date and time based sun path

Realize the shading pattern of your roof for hourly and monthly basis with the sun simulation, you can play the simulation results or check for a particular day and time with ease. 

Heat map tool

Detailed shadow analysis is done and integrated with colour pattern to provide the shadow rich and shadow free areas on roof. Violet areas have more shade while the yellow is clear from shadow. It helps the designer to decide the area of panel placement. 

Auto inter-row spacing for modules

Accurate values for the inter-row spacing is calculated and automatically reflects whenever the panels are placed making the designer to focus on the desired outcome. You can always set the desired parameters for all the tools in the settings feature. 

Energy simulation of PV system

Calculation of radiance based gains/loss

For a rooftop at a given location, the detailed information on the radiation/irradiation is provided. This directly impacts on the overall performance of the pv system. Also, the losses are aggregated in this chart. 

Detailed loss analysis

A brief loss structure is categorized in the loss report where one can realize losses incurred by the radiation, DC part of the system as well the AC side of the system. All these data are automated and generated within few seconds after designing the desired project in the software effortlessly. 

Month wise detailed simulation

 A detailed report with monthly generation from the system is made available in the chart. It also exposes the average monthly expected plant’s generation and radiance. 

Manual Stringing

An automated approach to generate the SLD is available in our software. One can also custom their MPPT and string sizing efficiently. The SLD provide the blueprint of the electrical components in the system interconnected effectively.