Solar Proposal Software - A Powerful Solution for Streamlining the Sales and Marketing Process

Solar Proposal Software

What Is Solar Sales Proposal Software?

Solar sales proposal software is a vital tool for businesses, particularly solar and engineering companies, whose major goal is to convert recommendations into money. It enables users to create layouts that provide clients and potential customers with a visual representation of what solar systems can achieve for their company or house. Instead of more manual operations, solar firms may now perform everything using computer software, including developing the proposal, modifying and designing the solar layout, and installing the solar grid.

The solar structure design software lowers and, in certain cases, eliminates the need to send published tips, deal with large files, or switch from one way to another. This automated option is a one-stop shop for everything needed to carry out solar tasks.

How Does Solar Sales Proposal Software Function?

Solar sales proposal software was designed to meet the requirement for a low-cost yet dependable and effective tool for developing solar installations. It may make processes easier and more feasible for project managers while also increasing group efficiency.

When building a proposal or designing a technique for clients, a solar designer should focus on three major aspects:

Size And Location Of The Customer's Property: This aspect influences the quantity of panels needed. Furthermore, it is critical to choose the best solar panel to use.

The Location's Ailments: factors such as sunshine coverage, leaves, and the surrounding environment that may have an impact on solar performance must be addressed. This is necessary so that designers and project managers can calculate how much energy the panels may generate, among other things.

The Amount Of Power The Consumer Absorbs: Identifying the realistic percentage a client may save by using solar panels will require determining how much energy a household or business consumes.

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According to more conventional approaches, solar contractors would have to execute the whole job manually. This meant they had to go to each customer's location to take pictures, appraise, and measure the website, which took a lot of time and effort. A fully automated, cloud-based, and compact procedure is much more advantageous to the supplier. All of these are critical to ensuring that the project's objectives are met, particularly in terms of energy savings and manufacturing.

All of these tasks may be completed remotely and in a reliable and precise manner using solar sales proposal software. It simplifies the method and the company's operations.

What are the Features that solar sales software has?

This tool enables installers to calculate the physical and environmental features of a location as accurately as possible. The program also contains a 3D model for your website, which is then used to determine a solar system plan suited for the customer's location or website.

Most systems include pre-qualification and financial assessment, drag-and-drop components for easier design direction, a mechanical design, and designer features that may provide installers an idea of a solar program's possibilities.

The software also has sales-related features. Aside from enabling users to create thorough proposals, the application also presents financing choices. It also helps with direct manufacturing, which may help organizations find the best possible clients.

Another notable feature is the monitoring function, which enables project managers and installers to track tips. This aids in identifying factors that may assist in increasing firm sales and profit. Almost all solar design and suggestion platforms provide customer care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What are the advantages of using solar sales proposal software?

One Simple Interface:

This kind of software gives businesses an effective way to generate prices and proposals for solar energy projects. There are various factors that installers must consider in order to provide the best proposal. This automated, centralized program aids in the management of various factors, ensuring effectiveness for clients.

Project Visualization:

The system enables project managers and installers to provide consumers with creative simulations of the solar panel installations they want. Simultaneously, it assists vendors in determining the best kind of solar work for certain consumers.

Increased Sales:

This program helps companies market more solar projects and suggestions. Using lead production and other key characteristics, it will be simpler for companies to turn prospects into revenue. Relevant customer information might help them develop successful selling methods.

Proposal Tracking:

The tool also enables businesses to track ideas and how purchasers react to them, which is critical for improving customer service.

Businesses that use solar layout and proposal software effectively get an efficient, accurate, and cost-saving solution that offers customers the best solar power systems.

Let’s now look at the top 5 popular solar design softwares :-

Solar Labs

Solar Labs is a SaaS and AI cloud-based software for solar design and sales growth. It specializes in developing software for solar installers and government bodies to create preliminary sales quotations and optimize system designs. Solar Labs were founded in 2017 and are headquartered in New Delhi.


AI-Assisted Faster Design Creation: Create designs that are simple, accurate, and quick. View your design in 3D or 2D. Discover numerous iterations and choose the best solution depending on your customer's specifications.

Smarter Energy Profiling & Modeling: Generate detailed electrical diagrams for utility-scale or domestic projects in minutes. Choose from a choice of mounting templates and panel tilt values. Draw-in barriers of any shape using the polygon tool and more.

Accurate Simulations and Shading Analysis: Easily predict your monthly, quarterly, and annual power production and losses.Simulate shading patterns for any day of the year and generate reliable heat maps.

Sales Proposals and Commercial Reports: Attract clients with thorough yet exhaustive proposals. Focus on the key growth metrics and provide multiple financial solutions in a concise manner.View your Total Savings, Payback Period and Internal Return Rate, in one single view.

CAD Layout and SLDs: Fabricate single-line diagrams and export them as DXF files for easy construction plans.

Did You Know? With Solar Labs, you can increase your solar sales conversion by a WHOPPING 300%. 🚀


Solar Labs is an online Software as a Service (SaaS) and can be used on any modern browser using computers, laptops, or even mobile phones.

Rating:   4.8 / 5

Aurora Solar

Aurora Solar develops cloud-based software that enables solar PV engineering design, provides workflow management functionality, and facilitates sales and customer acquisition for solar installers and financiers. Christopher Hopper and Samuel Adeyemo founded Aurora Solar in 2013. It has its headquarters inSan Francisco, California.


Simple and Efficient Design Interface: Users can perform detailed shading analysis and shade measurement directly in the application, drag and drop components to create system designs, and generate single line diagrams automatically. All designs are automatically checked for electrical constraints, industry best practices, and NEC rule compliance.

Easy and Automated Financial Report: It enables users to quickly determine a project's viability and easily model many of the most common financing structures. Financial models consider the project's energy profile and calculate accurate and dynamic visualisations of financial information such as cash flows, payback periods, LCOE, and bill savings.

Compelling Sales Proposals: Using the project and design data already created in Aurora, sales proposals automatically pull in the custom project and client data, 3D visuals, and financial analysis into any number of clean and professional templates, guaranteeing a consistent, yet customized experience for all clients.


Aurora Solar is an online SaaS company that uses aerial imagery to assess solar installation projects.

Rating:   4.6 / 5


HelioScope is a popular platform in the solar industry for designing and selling high-performance solar arrays. Designers and engineers will find it simple to use and understand. It has a plethora of features that are essential for anyone interested in solar energy. It's no surprise that many users have used this software to design solar PV systems.


HelioScope has a number of useful features as an online solar design tool. This includes the following items, which are listed below,

  • Solar Panels Layout
  • Shading Analysis
  • Single Line Diagram Export
  • 45,000 Component Library
  • Quick Design Revision
  • Google Maps Integration
  • PAN File Support
  • Unlimited Designs
  • API
  • Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD) Tools
  • Solar Energy Production Estimates
  • System Energy Loss Chart
  • 3D Design
  • Voltage Drop Calculation
  • One-Click Sharing
  • SketchUp Shading Integration
  • Wiring Selection
  • NSRDB/NREL Meteo Integration
  • Up to 5 MW Systems


HelioScope is accessible through any modern browser. Since it is web-based, users can create solar PV designs using their computers, laptops, or even mobile phones.

Rating:   4.5 / 5


PVsyst is a PC software package for studying, sizing, and analysing data from complete PV systems. It covers grid-connected, stand-alone, pumping, and DC-grid (public transportation) PV systems, as well as extensive meteo and PV system component databases and general solar energy tools. This software is designed for architects, engineers, and researchers. It is also extremely beneficial for educational training. PVsyst focuses on comprehensive and precise PV system analysis using a comprehensive set of tools.


PVSyst software has the following features:

  • System designing
  • System sizing
  • Creating a shading scene
  • It generates simulations and outcomes.
  • Model storage systems
  • Some additional features include importing data and components and getting weather data from meteonorm.
  • Simulate the ageing effect of solar modules, etc.


You need to download the software from its official website and in order to use full PVsyst capabilities you have to buy a license, you can also renew subscriptions for existing licenses on their online shop.

Rating: 4.4 / 5

Open Solar

OpenSolar is the world's first free, end-to-end solar design and sales application, providing solar professionals with a highly sophisticated, yet simple-to-use software tool that meets all of their needs, from marketing and lead management to solar system design, sales, installation, and service.


3D Design, Leading Accuracy: The fastest, simplest and most accurate 3D design tool available, making your proposals reliable and bankable from the office and in the field.

Integrated Finance Partners: Effortless selection and integration of your chosen finance providers with in-app real-time approvals, making selling easier than ever.

Proposals that Sell: Fully customizable, interactive proposals online or as a PDF.  24% sale conversion drawn from experience selling 10,000's of systems, face-to-face and over the phone.

Free of Charge: All of this is available for free to all users indefinitely.

Open API: Connect your existing CRM and business tools to our industry-leading platform. Work in the manner in which you prefer.


It is a cloud-based app with a mobile-friendly operating environment that allows you to manage your business from any device in the office or in the field.

Rating: 4.2 / 5