5 Must-Have Solar Energy Software UK: Optimize Efficiency for Your Business

5 Must-Have Solar Energy Software UK: Optimize Efficiency for Your Business

Being a viable and pure energy source, solar energy is gaining popularity in the UK. However, companies may find it difficult to effectively manage solar initiatives.

Luckily, there are a number of software tools for solar energy that can speed up the procedure and increase effectiveness.

These computer programs can assist with everything from planning solar systems to tracking energy consumption and output. In this piece, we'll look at five essential solar energy software tools for UK companies.

These software solutions can maximize the advantages of solar energy while helping companies save time, money, and energy.

Introduction to Solar Power Software for Businesses

Solar project optimization and productivity enhancement can be greatly aided by solar energy tools. There is software available to assist with any task, including building an entirely new solar system, tracking energy output, and figuring out the financial advantages of solar power. Businesses can lower their energy expenses, increase sustainability, and boost their bottom lines with the proper solar energy software.

The ability of solar energy software to assist companies in identifying and resolving errors in their solar projects is one of its main advantages.

Businesses can identify areas where energy is being squandered or not being used effectively by tracking energy output and consumption.

With this knowledge, companies can modify their solar systems to maximize energy generation and consumption, lowering energy expenses and raising total efficiency.

Software for solar energy can also assist companies in calculating the financial advantages of solar energy.

Businesses can calculate the return on investment for their solar projects and decide on their energy plans by looking at the prices of solar installations.

Businesses seeking to maximize their solar initiatives and increase productivity need solar energy software as it can lower expenses, boost sustainability, and increase their bottom line by utilizing the strength of these digital tools.

These software solutions can maximize the advantages of solar energy while helping companies save time, money, and energy:-

Solar Labs

A well-known software provider with a focus on solar energy solutions is Solar Labs. Solar Labs, a company with headquarters in India, aims to promote the use of solar energy on a worldwide scale by giving both businesses and consumers access to cutting-edge software tools.

Solar Labs is at the forefront of creating a trailblazing technology to assist in optimizing solar projects and enhancing efficiency.

Solar Labs has a staff of specialists in the areas of engineering, data science, and solar energy. Solar project creation, monitoring, and management are all handled by the company's software solutions, which are employed by organizations and people all over the globe.

Solar Labs is changing the solar energy sector and laying the foundation for a better, more sustainable future with a dedication to sustainability and creativity.


  • Solar System Design: Using Solar Labs' software, companies can precisely and accurately build solar systems while taking into consideration elements like shading analysis, module arrangement, and electrical design.
  • Performance Monitoring: By using Solar Labs' tools to track the operation of solar systems in real time, companies can spot problems and improve energy generation and consumption.
  • Energy Analytics: The software from Solar Labs has energy analytics tools that can assist companies in identifying errors in their energy consumption and in making data-driven choices to increase efficiency.
  • Financial Modeling: Using tools developed by Solar Labs, it is possible to estimate the financial advantages of solar energy, including return on investment, payback time, and energy cost reductions.
  • Customer Management: Lead management, sales offers, and project management are just a few of the tools available in Solar Labs' software for handling client interactions.


  • The Lite plan costs $99/month paid annually or $149/month paid monthly. Basic project planning and report creation are part of this plan.
  • The Basic plan costs $129/month paid annually or $169/month paid monthly.This plan allows for an unlimited number of residential and business projects.
  • The Premium plan costs $169/month paid annually or $199/month paid monthly. Advanced processes, permissions and 3D exports are all part of this strategy.


Desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones are the devices that can utilize the Solar Labs software application.

Website: https://thesolarlabs.com/

Rating: 4.8/ 5

Ease of Use:

  • Predict your power production and losses regularly, quarterly, and annually with ease.
  • The product suite expedites project closeout and operating authorization by enabling effective cooperation and communication.
  • Simplify everything, including field implementation, reporting, and complaint generation as well as troubleshooting.
  • Never before has it been so simple to create the drawings and schematics that every business requires for every project. You can buy designs in a matter of minutes by combining themes, pre-set values, and draw-in barriers.


Solar Labs application is only available in English till now.


In order to optimize solar power production, energy storage, and energy management software, SolarEdge is a market leader in smart energy solutions.

SolarEdge, a company founded in 2006, has transformed the solar industry with its cutting-edge goods, such as its cloud-based monitoring tool and DC optimized inverter technology.

Homeowners, companies, and utilities all over the world use the company's solutions to improve the energy economy, cut expenses, and contribute to a more sustainable future. Through constant invention and teamwork, SolarEdge is dedicated to advancing the green energy sector. The company's goods have received numerous awards for their excellence and dependability.


  • DC Optimized Inverter Technology: SolarEdge's DC optimizer inverter technology allows optimal power gathering from each individual solar panel, leading to greater energy outputs and lower costs.
  • Energy Storage Options: SolarEdge provides energy storage options that can be combined with its inverters to give homes and companies backup power during blackouts and the ability to reduce high demand.
  • Smart Energy Management: SolarEdge's cloud-based tracking tool, referred to as the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform, offers real-time insight into energy consumption and performance, enabling individuals and organizations to maximize their energy use and lower expenses.


Depending on the particular requirements of the client, the cost of SolarEdge's solutions can differ significantly. Those who are interested should speak with a qualified technician or a SolarEdge agent to receive a personalized estimate.

Did You Know? With Solar Labs, you can increase your solar sales conversion by a WHOOPING 300%. 🚀


On a range of gadgets, including desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, SolarEdge provides its tracking platform.

Website: https://www.solaredge.com/

Rating: 4.0/ 5

Ease of Use:

  • SolarEdge provides mobile software that enables users to access the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform from their smartphones or devices, giving on-the-go access to energy statistics and insights.
  • The SolarEdge Monitoring Platform, a cloud-based tracking tool from SolarEdge, offers customers quick access to data and insights while providing real-time views into energy consumption and performance.
  • In order to keep users updated on any problems or adjustments, the app also provides alerts and messages.
  • In order to ensure that customers are getting the most out of their goods and services, SolarEdge provides a variety of customer support choices, including web tools, technological support, and training courses.


Customers have voiced complaints about SolarEdge's customer service, especially in regard to responsiveness and problem-solving.


Helioscope is a cloud-based software application that offers cutting-edge design and building tools. The accuracy and precision of HelioScope, another program for designing solar systems, are well known. The program enables solar designers to create intricate solar projects, including shadowing analysis, module arrangement, and electrical design.


  • Automated Shading Analysis: Helioscope's shading analysis tool analyzes data on shadowing and blockage using cutting-edge algorithms, making it possible to position solar panels optimally and increase energy output.
  • System Design Capabilities: Helioscope provides a variety of tools for creating solar energy systems. These tools include bespoke module configurations, careful component selection, and sophisticated electrical modeling.
  • Integration with Solar Products and Services: Helioscope combines with a variety of top solar converter and module producers, energy storage companies, and financial analysis tools, among other solar products and services.


  • Basic plan for Individuals which offers accurate C&I solar designs for $159 monthly
  • Custom plan for Teams and Companies offers faster scaling with one platform for every team, for any C&I project at a custom pricing.


Helioscope can be viewed from any computer or mobile device with an internet link and a web browser. This encompasses mobile gadgets like cellphones and tablets in addition to desktop and laptop computers.

Website: https://helioscope.aurorasolar.com/

Rating: 4.6 / 5

Ease of Use:

  • Make design changes in real-time to maximize ROI.
  • LIDAR provides designers with everything they require to guarantee design precision and optimize value creation.
  • Customizable Sales Proposal & Financial Analysis


While shading analysis is a feature of Helioscope, it might not be as complete as other shading analysis tools. The precision of the system architecture and performance forecast may be limited as a result.

Aurora Solar

One of the most well-liked solar design software tools on the market, Aurora Solar was created in 2013 by a team of engineers and is now used by small and big solar businesses alike. The program enables users to produce financial records, analyze shading, plan systems more efficiently, and make 3D models of buildings. owing to its intuitive user interface, strong modeling abilities, and sophisticated training features.


  • Financial Analysis: Financial studies produced by Aurora Solar assist solar industry experts in calculating the financial benefits of a solar PV system. To give customers precise financial projections, the software takes into consideration variables like electricity prices, tax breaks, and financing choices.
  • Sales Proposals: Using Aurora Solar, users can design unique sales plans that feature 3D models, financial statements, and other crucial data. This enables solar industry experts to better explain the advantages of a solar PV system to prospective clients and make more sales.
  • Collaboration: Aurora Solar enables users to work together with coworkers, clients, and other partners to develop solar PV systems. Users can collaborate in real-time, exchange project files, and make comments on ideas thanks to the software.


  • Basic plan costs $159 user/mo Billed monthly for Individuals
  • Premium plan costs $259 user/mo Billed monthly for Individuals
  • Custom plans for Teams and Companies need to be consulted.


The software is accessible on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, and is compatible with popular web browsers.

Website: https://aurorasolar.com/

Rating: 4.6 / 5

Ease of Use:

  • Save time and money by creating a highly precise solar plan without having to travel to the location.
  • With just a location and an energy bill, you can produce a proposal with personalized, permit-quality precision.


Although Aurora Solar employs sophisticated methods for shading analysis, in some circumstances the precision of shading analysis may be constrained. The software might not be able to simulate the effects of adjacent structures' or trees' shading, for instance.


PVSOL is a solar design software that enables users to model how a solar PV system will work depending on location, shading, and other variables. On system efficiency, energy output, and financial returns, the program offers thorough reports.

In the UK as well as the rest of the globe, PVSOL has emerged as one of the most popular solar design software tools.

The program provides a variety of sophisticated features for modeling solar PV systems, such as thorough shading analysis, 3D modeling, and energy output models.

A variety of financial analysis tools are also included in PVSOL, enabling users to calculate the financial benefits of a solar PV system based on various variables like system size, location, and funding choices.


  • 3D modeling: PVSOL has a 3D modeling application that enables users to construct an in-depth model of a structure and its environs. With the help of this feature, users can precisely model how adjacent trees or structures' shadowing affects a solar PV system's performance.
  • Shading analysis: PVSOL has sophisticated shading analysis tools that let users simulate how shadowing will affect a solar PV system. The program offers thorough shading statistics that demonstrate how coloring affects system performance over time.
  • System optimization: Using a variety of criteria, such as module and inverter selection, system capacity, and orientation, PVSOL enables users to maximize the design of a solar PV system.


  • Full License- includes lifetime unrestricted use, 2D technology and 6 months software maintenance and support and costs 895.00 EUR
  • Full License- provides 3D technology for precise and realistic PV system design costing 1,295.00 EUR


PVSOL can usually be loaded on a desktop or laptop running the Windows operating system. There isn't a smartphone program for the software yet.

Website: https://pvsol.software/en/

Rating: 4.0 / 5

Ease of Use:

  • 3D technology for precise and realistic PV system design.
  • With up to 5,000 modules, you can view all roof-integrated or fixed systems in 3D and compute shading based on 3D objects, even from the ground.
  • You can choose the batteries you'll be using, the battery inverter, and the charging strategy swiftly and simply to plan your own battery storage system.


PVSOL only works with Windows, which may be a drawback for users who favor alternative operating systems like macOS or Linux.


For companies in the UK seeking to maximize the performance and effectiveness of their solar PV systems, solar system design software is a crucial tool.

The top five solar energy software packages in the UK come with a variety of features, including sophisticated 3D modeling and shadowing analysis tools and in-depth financial analysis tools. These software tools enable companies to precisely measure and evaluate the performance, expenses, and returns on investment of their solar PV systems.

Solar professionals seeking to remain competitive and increase the value of their solar PV systems should consider investing in these software applications given the UK's quickly growing solar energy industry.