Infirencon Increasing Their Design Productivity With Solar Labs

Infirencon Increasing Their Design Productivity With Solar Labs


Infirencon Energy Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2016 with the aim of providing customized solutions in Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation and products to improve the fuel efficiency of Engines.

Infirencon has been associated with Solar Labs for almost 2 years and is using this software for the design and simulation of their residential and commercial solar power projects, mostly in the Pune, India region.

Few months ago, the Infirencon team designed, closed the deal and installed the Solar Power plant at Shree Luxuria apartments, Pune. This project was constructed over 2 different buildings accumulating to 37 kWs.

So how did they manage to design such complex projects with the help of Solar Labs?

How Solar Labs made the process more efficient?

As Solar Labs is capable of providing preliminary as well as final proposals, the Infirencon team first visited Shree Luxuria’s site thoroughly to ensure proper design and final capacity that can be installed by achieving a desired Performance Ratio.

As the layout for buildings were identical, Solar Labs’s Duplicate Design feature helped the Infirencon team in creating 4 different proposals within 30 minutes. Solar Labs made the process even more efficient by proving financial values converting this proposal into a final quotation which was shared with the client.

How Solar Labs made the process more efficient?

The Estimated Savings and Cost of Not Going Solar page caught the attention of the client helping him understand the financial benefits of Solar Energy.

Other than financials, Solar Labs technology has gone far in the micro-inverters segment which were used in this design to maximize the performance and generation of the plant

Financial reports of solar labs


The shared Solar Labs quotation made the deal closing process much faster and simpler by providing all the details such as 2D & 3D design, generation numbers, PR, financials, and BOM in a single PDF document. This deal was closed in December 2021 and this project was perfectly executed and installed within 30 days of the deal closure.

The 3D link of Solar Labs also helped the construction team in observing the site more closely for proper equipment placements.