How To Overcome Solar Sales Objections?

How To Overcome Solar Sales Objections

In the industry of solar power systems, there is massive competition that has increased in recent years. It is not a matter of getting surprised to visualize that many companies are springing up in the industry. It helps in boosting the market of competition and over-saturated. It is a part of the challenge to find customers in the industry.

The objective of the service providers of the industry is to convince a prospect about the importance of solar energy. However, there are many solar companies who are dealing with prospective customers and are still skeptical about the importance of this renewable energy.

The best way to handle the objections is to create perfect sales that resolve the query of the prospect's questions and anticipate the questions they might raise, and find suitable answers that are satisfactory and informative.

The Main Objections While Selling Solar And Handling

Here are some of the Common Rejection Words In Sales:


Generally, people make complaints about the price of this renewable energy source. In reality, solar is an investment and is very cost-effective in nature. Although the installation cost of solar consumes a lot of money, in the long run, any home or business will benefit greatly. When A Prospect Says No, you have to convince it with the features that work as an advantage for them.

The installation of solar will decrease the electrical bills.

Expensive to Repair

Although the panels are highly technical in nature, on the other hand, they are not fragile or easy to break. It would take years to repair or change the panels. Maintenance is required as they are immovable and of high quality.

The materials of the solar system are so reliable and efficient that they could last for more than 30 years. The total lifespan of the solar is about 30 years. In this time zone, they could slow down in their efficiency. Let your prospects know how efficient the equipment is and how long it last.

Weather conditions are considerable

The weather conditions of the location are a normal concern. The solar panels can also work perfectly in harsh weather. There is a huge dependency on equipment manufacturers. In case the material is a hardener, it would take time before severe conditions destroy it. Ensure that the manufacturer of the panel is reputable and is popular for quality services.

How can we handle the Solar System?

Keeping aside the major point of objection, there are several other concerns that the prospective customers might share. Here are some of the guidelines about how to handle them:

Several had a sense of fear that solar is as expensive as their electrical bills. Apart from installation, homeowners and companies need not pay any charges to maintain their solar energy.

The delivery of the solar can be done anywhere, and the panels can be installed and even re-installed anywhere. Regardless of the movement of the prospects, they can get an installation service there as well.

Homeowners or companies do not have to pay for the energy generated by solar panels. But the payment for the installation and any other added service is required to be done.

The major reason behind the objection is that some people feel that sunlight is free of cost. Since the sun is free, why wouldn't energy generated be free too? There are pieces of equipment that make it possible to generate power from the sunlight. Installation of the solar system on the roof of a building is a high-risk job.

How To Sell Solar Panels From Home: Tips To Have A Profitable Solar Panel

Selling products that give renewable energy to buyers is an attractive offer to homeowners. Since these products reduce electric bills and give various other benefits to buyers. The solar panel distributors need to develop a creative marketing plan as a purpose to expand the number of people they are reaching for global business growth.

How To Sell Solar Panels From Home

Improve your communication and interpersonal skills

Becoming a distributor of solar panels from home requires an individual to have good marketing strategies and the ability to communicate with people.

Working on communication and interpersonal skills is a crucial part of a distributor's job because these skills will help in the expansion of the network of the individual and allow them to have long-term relationships with their customers and even solar panel manufacturers.

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Work with an accountant.

It is important to be able to manage the finances of the business in an accurate manner to ensure that the home-owned business will be successful and continue to provide its services to its market.

One must have a separate bank account for your solar panel distribution business

At the time of initiating a business from home, it is important to differentiate between the costs of the business and personal costs.

Have a private office for your business

At the time of selling the solar panels from home, the seller will have numerous calls with the homeowners who are planning to make the installation of the solar panels.

It is crucial to have a separate area dedicated to the business's operations. Having a separate office also helps you to split between work and home life.

Examples Of Solar Panel Sales Script

Hello (name),

My name is ____ and I am calling from the Solar Company. Have you ever considered using solar panels to save on your energy bill?

(briefly explain how solar panels work)

We have seen people in your area save an average of 20% on their energy bill by switching to solar.

Would you be interested in learning more about how solar could save you money?

I can do a brief walkthrough with you now or answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for your time!


“Good morning.

I’m John from XYZ Service. I was just passing by, and noticed that the front of your house and roof are south-facing. Does the house heat up a lot during the summer (Pause, let the prospect answer.)?

Have you ever done an energy audit to see how much energy your house is absorbing and if it’s affecting your electricity bill? If you want, I can fix an audit sometime this week, and it will be free.

Examples Of Solar Panel Sales Script


With time, one can become capable enough to handle objections in your market sales. Make sure that you focus on the importance of this energy source and make an explanation about how it will benefit your prospects. People tend to see the value of things when they are given tangible reasons regarding the importance of the system.