How To Grow Your Solar Business

How To Grow Your Solar Business

The cost that is involved in the power supply can be draining, especially in countries where electricity is not having a steady supply. This is the reason why solar systems can be helpful in reducing the usage of electricity.

Solar technology/panels have come a long way from the times of the 80s. The usage of electricity can also be utilized for commercial use. The constant requirement for solar energy is the reason behind the increasing profitability of businesses. Here in this article, we have mentioned some of the facts about solar power and panels.

Solar Energy is a feasible business anyone can venture into. It is one of the growing categories in the world due to the constant need for electricity. Both households and businesses are searching for alternatives for the usage of electricity. Renewable energy serves a variety of desirable options, given the benefits and strengths of the system.

If you are planning to initiate a business in solar energy, this article will surely be helpful to give you extensive cues on how to leverage this venture, as well as some digital marketing tips to keep your company running. Nevertheless, it is important to note that venturing into this business is capital-intensive.

How To Start Solar Business In India

Solar Energy is a form of electromagnetic radiation that generally captures energy from sun rays and later converts the sunlight energy into electricity.

There are thousands of service providers that are registered under CEC. Here are some of the tools and factors to consider:

1. Develop A Company Website

This simple tool makes it easier for clients to discover the overall project. This is the primary task to do as any company tends to use a website to give access to your prospect to know more about your company. The website works 24/7.

The sole purpose of the website is to convert leads into clients. The determination of the conversion on your website is how good your website is.

2. Create Google Listing For Your Business

Google listing makes it super easy for clients to make the allocation of yours. This includes your physical location and the services that are offered by the company.

Follow these simple steps to create a Google listing:

•        Approach to Google business for quick registration

•         On the site, you need to register your firm using an existing Google Account. You can create a new account if not available.

•         Mention the name of the business. Google may/may not locate your company. Select “Add your business name.”

•         Type your business name, then follow the instructions to the completion.

•         Confirm your business and finish off with the listing.

•         After this, you will have to be patient to get a confirmation from Google to confirm your address.

•         After the verification/confirmation, it will take a few days for your business profile to be visible.

3. Start Creating A Blog

After making the registration of your company profile, you will need to set up a blog. Blogging gives me an opportunity to connect with you. It allows you to add value, teach people, lend your opinion, and showcase your expertise.

The building of a blog helps in selling the product without building trust and creating value. You can get this done with some simple tools.

4. Create an Email List

To continue the conversion, you need to redirect people to your mail. Most people who visit your website are barely interested in buying what you offer to purchase.

This is all because you are yet to build trust with these people.

5. Repair Solar Energy Equipment

If you have less capital to invest in your business organization, you can get the skill to repair solar equipment and deliver your service to people. The moment when the equipment becomes faulty, this niche requires collaboration or affiliation with both manufacturers and sellers.

6. Install Solar Products

Another way to dive deeper into the solar business is to learn how to do the installation of solar energy products. Normally, not everyone can install solar panels. The requirement of the professional installer or the service provider is a must to adopt. This niche requires sound electronic and electrical knowledge.

If you are an expert in electrical-related things and have knowledge of connecting wires, likewise other similar electrical skills, this could be the best way to come in. Your task is to partner with those who sell solar energy products to get contacted whenever a client buys the product and wants an installer to install the things in place.

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7. Get A Physical Office Space

For those who intend to start a bigger business, it is important to get a physical office space. Prospective clients can effortlessly make a big difference. While searching for a business property for an office, choose the ideal place that is suitable for your service. More importantly, find a place where the people around you can afford your solar equipment.

How To Start Solar Business In India

Solar Marketing Ideas That Generate Leads

Customer Referrals and Testimonials

Solar is a kind of big investment, so asking for a testimonial or rewarding a customer referral is a great way to secure more leads that convert.

Tapping into the existing customer base is a great way to promote your business. One must be aware of the fact that there is a large degree of comfort in knowing that someone else you know is satisfied with a service. A level of satisfaction that is held by family and friends is your best weapon when it comes to acquiring and converting leads.

Promote Any Finance Options

Payment plans help in smoothing the pain of a large upfront solar investment for a home or business owner. Sharing finance options will be helpful in encouraging your lead further down the purchase decision process.

Share The Love for Solar

A passionate solar installer understands the market and shares the belief of the customer, which is more likely to convert the leads. It has to be making sure that the office staff is competent enough to deal with frequently asked solar queries. Share your knowledge of solar and grow your reputation as a solar expert.

Partner With Quoting Sites

At some of the quoting sites like SolarQuotes and 3 Quotes, it has been seen that making the improvisation keeps an eye on cost per conversion. We have detected that location plays a big part in costs - they can be expensive in comparison to other marketing activities that convert in certain locations.

Email Marketing

Setting up an automated email campaign is a smart way for solar dealers to manage their sales funnel works more effectively.

This is helpful for not only keeping the sales team free from things, but it allows them to focus on quality leads. You can then track the interest of the lead by reviewing open rates.

Solar Marketing Ideas That Generate Leads

How To Sell Solar Panels Fast?

The technique of selling the solar system is a crucial part for the dealers and partners, and others who want to make the most of the growth rate in the solar industry.


To run a successful business, planning is a must. One has to study the market for potential customers, demand, supply, competition, and many more.


Make the identification of the Right Product.

The supply of a solar panel must be thrice the capacity of the batteries. For instance, if the customer has a 150A battery, it is recommended to have a 500W solar panel so that the battery gets fully charged during the whole day.

Gain Trust

Solar is a big investment. Hence, customers are always looking for a reliable and reputed name when they are seeking a reputed company of solar. It is important to get it installed from a trustworthy source. The company must have their own visiting card, id card, product catalogue, permanent shop, and proof of installation (such as videos/ images) in the nearby/ surrounding area.

Regular Follow Up

The company must have regular follow-ups with the customers. If possible, visit the store after they have received their monthly electricity bill. You can also keep updating them on WhatsApp.

How To Make Money In Solar Business

Making money in the solar business is a matter of the next level; you need to increase the range of your business to attain something. One must reach more and more customers. One should target such customers and markets that are related to your business. For this, you can think about facilitating some of the attractive offers. Here are some of the Solar Business Opportunities and strategies regarding the same:

Solar Manufacturing Business

Solar manufacturing is considered one of the high-level businesses. For the initiation, you will need a good high investment. And it is also important to have a greater amount of profit.

Solar Sales Strategy Business

The solar Sales business is considered a type of high-profit business. They are not concerned with manufacturing but sell by taking solar contracts from the company that are already manufacturing.

Solar Parts Business

Solar businesses are known as profitable businesses, but the amount of profit is less than a solar manufacturing business. If you make solar power sales, then obviously, you are trying to move towards a profitable business. Many companies have become a brand by selling solar parts.

Solar Consultant

The solar consultant plays a major role in the affiliation. You can start a solar consultant company on the requirements of solar; then you can guide them on what kind of solar they can have. This will strengthen your consultancy company, and there will be a chance for your business to grow faster.

Solar Installation Business

The solar installing business is known as a medium-profit business. One can start this business by taking a contract to install.

Solar Maintenance Business

If you know the workability of solar maintenance or you can hire people who know how to maintain solar. Then you can start a solar business. According to the people, contracts can also be taken.

Solar TAX Credit Expert

One can also choose to become a Solar Tax Credit Export which does tax credits professionally. In this type of business, not only can you become a solar tax credit expert, but you can also work with many types of tax credits.


Every potential entrepreneur generally thinks about profits and business expansion. But to achieve the same, a certain amount of groundwork needs to be performed. By successfully understanding and following up on the above instructions, success can be achieved. Solar is a growing business in India as there is an ever-increasing demand for power.