Creating A High-Converting Solar Sales Pitch

Creating A High-Converting Solar Sales Pitch

The biggest challenge and expense is acquiring customers in which high costs of solar are chipping the profile of the solar contractors. A successful solar sale pitch not only helps in securing new and lasting customers but also helps save valuable time.

Five Ways To Develop A Perfect Solar Pitch Creative Strategy.

1. Understand your customers’ needs.

Assess the requirements of your potential customers: What’s more important for the customers? Why are the customers more interested in switching to solar? Knowing the fact about the interest of the customer prevents you from giving off a used car salesman impression.

Homeowners might be interested in solar due for various reasons. Anticipating, listening to, and discussing those reasons and requirements can help you build a relationship of trust and understanding. After the identification of the requirements, make a deep consideration of those points.

For instance, if someone experiences drought or unpredictable weather, a solution can be switching to solar that contains no worries regarding power outages. Make sure you’re aware of the environment.

Another matter of consideration is long-term savings. Solar energy is a type of investment that does not only drive up property value but it also saves costs on energy bills and eventually pays for itself.

2. Use government tax incentives to put pressure on your customer’s timeline

The investment tax credit (ITC), or the federal solar tax credit, allows taxpayers to deduct a percentage of the cost of installing a solar energy system. Each year, the incentive of the tax decreases, so the sooner a customer decides and acts, the more money they could potentially save.

This is important for residential customers, as the entire residential incentive program expires in 2022. Switching to solar is an investment that requires learning new information and finding the right design system, so you must emphasize the timeline of the customer. However, using the ITC is a justifiable way to put pressure on your lead’s decision.

3. Make it trendy

The root of a good solar sales tip and pitch is to understand the psychology of the customer who is willing to buy. Solar energy is environmentally and financially friendly, so it’s essential to utilize and discuss those benefits to not only sell your product but also understand your lead’s intentions.

The good news is that if your customer’s neighbor already has a solar panel system installed, it might even be easier to nail the sale. “The effect of nearby systems diminishes with distance and time, suggesting a spatial neighbor effect conveyed through social interaction and visibility.” This can be interpreted as peer pressure. Use it to your advantage by pointing out neighbors’ solar systems, creating a referral program, or gathering success stories specific to a neighborhood.

The demographic for a residential solar customer is likely to own and use technology and/or social media. One can make the usage of social media for free advertising by asking successful customers to write a testimony, taking a selfie with your branding, or targeting new customers with advertising. Build your social media presence consistently, and it can be a lucrative sales tool.

4. Back up your pitch with technology

Being a new source of generating energy, solar panels are probable that your customers have a basic interest in modern energy technologies. Using solar sale technology not only can make the process easier for you, but it can also make a lasting impression and further leverage you as a source of knowledge on the subject. Here we have mentioned some of the ideas:

  • CMS: A good customer management system is essential for being organized and lightening the workload.
  • 3D modeling: Use a 3D modeling system to highlight a realistic idea of what their system will actually look like to your customers.
  • Permit processing app: Make better utilization of online solar permitting tools for code-compliant residential systems. Solar aPP creates an affordable, seamless process for solar installations.
  • Keep researching: Keep up with the ever-changing industry through solar software. Find a content provider and stay updated.

5. Offer free permit and design service

Offering a soft trial to engage your leads can make a big difference. Seal the deal on your solar sales pitch because everyone likes to have something that is for free. Solar panel service providers facilitate free permit and design services on qualifying orders. They offer two solar permit services: a full solar design and permit package and a single solar line for any residential and commercial solar installation.

Some Of The Effective Steps For Solar Panel Sales Pitch

Making your renewable energy company thrive amidst the competition should be your top priority. A sales pitch is one of the most important and necessary parts to go with. It may be a strenuous process, but it is worthwhile in convincing prospective customers as well. Here are some of the steps that need to be taken into consideration while crafting a good pitch for your company:

Identification of selling point

Identification of major selling points is the primary thing to take care of while designing your pitch. Most areas have high net-metering rates. Some areas have fluctuating rates and sometimes witness occasional blackouts. Mark those areas and pitch your tent there.

Target Audience

The homeowners in the targeted location are your audience. Building conversations and relationships with owners around would be a good start.

Not only are the physical solar panels being sold, but the numerous advantages of using renewable energy at home are presented to your audience.


At what time are you going to start selling your sales pitch about your solar products? Most homes, big companies, and industries always make plans to purchase new appliances at some particular point. Besides, some areas are likely to experience occasional blackouts within certain fixed weather conditions. On the contrary, people in some locations might have issues with their net-metering rates, which may be hazardous, beneficiary, or on their way to increasing.

Doing your sales pitch matters, but it must be done in the right way. It should be in such a way the customers must feel the urgent need to purchase your company’s product without giving it a thought.

Detailed Advantages of Panel Purchase

Nowadays, the words you use in your sales pitch are not enough to make customers purchase your panels. Your sales pitch should contain all the details and information concerning the renewable energy you are selling. The features and uses of the solar panel should be explained to the client completely.

Creating an Ideal Script to Sell Solar Panels

Marketing your solar business is another process because there are numerous methods to make sure about the soles pitch. All strategies must be used in the marketing process, and also all of those strategies must be relatable to your company; otherwise, it would fail.

Steps For Solar Panel Sales Pitch

What Are Some Of The Solar Selling Points?

Solar energy has been around for decades but came into awareness on a recent basis. And by all accounts, it should be an easy sell as the solar system is good for the environment, for our wallets, and for real estate prices. So, here are five major solar selling points:

Lower utility bills

The installation of solar panels can be a pretty steep initial investment. That’s why homeowners want tangible proof that their investment is going to pay off. The user of the system must have accurate information about the home’s average utility costs and carefully calculate how much solar energy could be generated by rooftop PVs. Combine that information with the different loan and financing options so that you will be able to see a return on your investment.

Discounts and incentives

The government is also taking certain incentives toward green energy; many programs have been put into place to help offset initial investments and reward early-adopting homeowners who go solar. Make sure you leverage the solar system to stay informed about the latest federal, state, and local tax credit programs in your area.

Higher property values

One of the best ways to convince homeowners to purchase solar systems is to help them take solar panels as an investment instead of an expense.

Environmental sustainability

Public discourse and social media have made all of us much more aware of our environmental impact, and while many are eager to adopt more sustainable lifestyles, it can be hard to figure out where to begin.

Practically maintenance-free

In the last many years, the solar industry has managed to create ground-breaking technology that makes solar panels lighter, tougher, and pretty much maintenance-free. Whether you belong to a state with extreme weather and dramatic seasonal shifts, there will be free maintenance. The solar might very well come from their lowered monthly utility bills.

Some Of The Solar Sales Closing Techniques For Sales Team To Ink More Deals With Less Effort

Tap Into Time

Time-sensitive facilitates a great way to motivate people because human beings are conditioned to feel the sting of losses more than we feel the positive impacts of gains.

Exchange a Little More for a Timely Close

Rather than invoking the risk of losing something, you can also offer potential prospects in exchange for a timely close. Prospects will often walk into a sale negotiation that fully expects the offer they’re given is not the best offer a company can put forward.

Utilize the Jeopardy Close

Anyone who’s watched the quiz must have seen that Jeopardy is familiar with the phrase “please provide your answer in the form of a question.” Salespeople looking to close a deal can also take the Jeopardy approach by offering their close in the form of a question.

Summarize the Presentation

Summary closes are a classic way to wrap up a presentation and close a deal because they ensure that all the salient points regarding the product or service are recapped for the prospect prior to closing.

Attempt Multiple Trial Closes

Trial closes are one of the most important keys to sales success, but many salespeople don’t understand how to use them effectively.

Simple Things To Know When Selling Solar Energy For Profits

Selling solar energy has never been as profitable as now; there is a massive spike in the cost of electricity and fossil fuels.

When it comes to running a business, first impressions are always critical. It doesn’t matter how amazing your ideas are; if you are not able to capture the attention of the client from the onset, you might have lost the sale.

Educate Yourself Thoroughly About Solar Energy

Selling solar energy is a very different concept from running a grocery store. In the latter, you just need a general knowledge of all the goods. It is unique in the solar industry because you need more than just a general idea. In fact, you need to be an authority on the subject.

Be the Gateway to Solar Energy

If you belong to the solar energy business, you undoubtedly know how tough the competition is. With this in mind, it is not enough to simply convince clients about solar energy. You must position yourself in such a way that they find you synonymous with the product.

Ensure You Are Talking to the Right People

It doesn’t matter if you are marketing online or offline; always ensure you are talking to the right people. When setting an age limit, you shouldn’t be looking at people below 25. Create your content accordingly.

Protect Your Brand at All Costs

When running a business, the reputation of the company becomes directly proportional to its market value. Let us take an example of the company- Apple, and better try to understand things. Apple has built its reputation to a level that using its product signifies class and being on-trend. Always protect your brand.


When it comes to building a winning solar sales pitch for your solar company, you need to make sure to have all your bases covered in the initial conversation rather than waiting for the questions to come through and potentially leave you on the spot. Sell the benefits of solar installation from a holistic perspective, and always have answers ready for any questions or concerns ahead of time.