Frelit Overcoming Design Challenges With Solar Labs

Frelit Overcoming Design Challenges With Solar Labs


Frelit recently installed a distributed Solar Power plant in Vadodara at AS-Safa residency towers accumulating to 55 kW for which they trusted Solar Labs software for designing and simulation of this plant

So what were the design challenges and how Frelit overcame these challenges with the help of Solar Labs?


Frelit Energy Private Limited is an Indian-based Solar EPC company situated in Vadodara, Gujarat. It also offers solar financing as well as Operations & Maintenance for Solar power plants. Frelit’s mission is to strive to cater the present and future generations with innovative and excellent energy-efficient solutions in terms of residential and commercial solar PV projects.

Frelit has been associated with Solar Labs for more than a year and using our design and simulation software since then.

How Solar Labs helped Frelit?

As the site was distributed in multiple apartment terraces, a detailed site visit was done to propose an accurate design, generation and financials. Before starting with the design, a total of 7 towers were surveyed by Frelit’s design team.

As these towers were found to be nearly identical, the design team took the advantage of Solar Labs copy-paste feature to duplicate the polygons/roofs. These polygons were duplicated even with the modules placed on it which made the design process swift and efficient

How Solar Labs helped Frelit?

This AI based software also helped Frelit in providing a proper azimuth to place and orient their modules with the roof.

The whole design and simulation process till report generation took about an hour for the Frelit’s design team.

Key Results:

The time and bandwidth to design such a complicated site was reduced with the help of Solar Labs.

The 3D view feature helped the client to deeply observe his site with the help of integrated 3D view feature in the Solar Labs report which shows the exact multidimensional view of the site as designed in the software.

Frelit Builds 55 KW Solar Plant At AS-Safa Residency Towers Using Solar Labs

This feature also helped the solar construction team to assess the site as per the design created and shared to install the desired Solar power plant.

" The integrated 3D view link in the report attracts most of our clients as it gives the flexibility to visualize their site as well as perform shadow analysis with just a few clicks. " ~ Swapnil Shrivastava Director, Frelit Energy