Digital Marketing Tips For Solar Companies

Digital Marketing Tips For Solar Companies

To become a successful business entrepreneur, one has to be constantly evolving and growing with time. If you’re planning to take solar companies to the next level, then the wait is over. Here in this article, we have discussed several digital marketing strategies that are specific to the solar industry.

We tried to share the knowledge about how you can use online advertising platforms to reach more potential customers and also the ways to market your business. There are a few of the many reasons solar companies should invest in digital marketing:

1. Connect with customers while they’re engaged

The online presence of the strategy is essential to solar marketing as it allows solar companies to connect with customers right when they are seeking answers about going solar. A solar service provider company’s website is the central element of a strong digital solar marketing strategy.

2. Educate potential customers and resolve their queries

For most people around the globe, the concept of solar is completely new. There are a lot of questions in the minds of the people before making the final decision about installation. Companies take time to post high-quality educational Solar Marketing Materials about the process of going solar that can establish themselves as trusted resources. This solar content marketing is inclusive of blog posts, e-books, infographics, and other informative resources. This will help customers to become more comfortable with the decision to install a PV system and become more inclined to choose that installation company.

3. Keep leads warm and converts visitors into customers

Once prospective customers encounter a solar company online, digital solar marketing offers a variety of ways to keep in touch and re-engage with them as they are considered at the time of installation of the solar. Remarketing can deliver targeted ads to individuals who have previously visited a specific website. This helps the customers keep the company at the top of their list. Additionally, there are a variety of ways to encourage visitors to enter their email addresses on a solar company’s website. That is the reason why companies can use email marketing to keep their interest and highlight what makes that company a great choice.

4. Reach new audiences by being social

Social media is an excellent strategy for connecting with potential customers. As per the study, people are more likely to trust a product or company when they visualize social proof.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram facilitate prospective customers to consider positive experiences. If a solar company can cultivate engagement from current and past customers on social media, their likes and comments can catch the attention of their friends and family.

5. Track success with data and refine strategies

Traditionally, one of the biggest challenges faced by the marketing sector was to do the measurement of the results of different initiatives, like mailing flyers or putting up billboards. The beauty of digital solar marketing is that there are many ways to gather data and track the impact of certain initiatives.

Solar Marketing Ideas To Generate Leads

1. Customer Referrals and Testimonials

Solar is a sort of big investment for a lot of people, so asking for a testimonial or rewarding a customer referral is a great way to secure more leads that convert.

2. Promote Any Finance Options

Payment plans ease the pain of a large upfront solar investment for a home or business owner. Sharing finance will be helpful in encouraging your lead further down the purchase decision process.

3. Understand The requirements of Your Local Market

Of course, there are a number of suburbs within the radius of your solar business that the potential customers must be seeking.

4. Share The Love of Solar

A passionate solar installer understands the market and shares the belief of the customer to make them convinced of the purchase. Ensure your back office staff is competent enough to deal with frequently asked solar queries. Share your knowledge, and always try to grow the reputation that your team and the solar experts inherit.

Solar Marketing Ideas To Generate Leads

5. Review Your Website

Keep your website updated and mobile responsive. Do you have to update the information on recent tariff changes or upcoming government solar schemes? Making a review of the website can be an ideal way to share current and relevant information.

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6. Invest in Google Ads

There are some simple and easy ways to perform strategies that can be implemented by anyone to rank well in a paid Google search. All this can be done by choosing the option to run the paid advertisement over Google.

7. Partner with Quoting Sites

It has been visualized over some of the quoting sites like SolarQuotes, and 3 Quotes that they help in improving the chances of being found. One must keep an eye on cost per conversion. It also has been observed that finding a suitable location plays a big part in costs. The final end product can be expensive in comparison to other marketing activities that convert in certain locations.

Digital Marketing For Business

Understand your product

One of the easiest ways to lose a potential customer is not providing enough information to the customers about the product. The service provider must be ready to answer anything that relates to the product. However, this does not mean getting overly specific. Having general information about the solar industry is enough.

Conduct market research

Having the one-time growth of the solar business is not easy, especially if you lack a thorough understanding of the solar industry.

Identify your unique value proposition

A unique selling point/proposition, USP is a specific benefit that makes you stand out from your competitors! Highlighting your uniqueness and actively targeting your brand to the audiences most likely to find your USP compelling.

Don’t sell, but solve

The strategy of overselling the products is not always necessary. Instead, always try to focus on solving your audiences’ problems.

Give a money-back guarantee

Fear of financial loss can have a real influence on your customer’s decision-making skills about the purchase of the product. Always try to think about the perspective of the customer.

Remarket for more deals

Remarketing is a kind of strategy that serves targeted ads to people who have already visited your site or taken a certain action regarding the same task. It helps the owner and the company to stay on top of your customer’s minds.

Digital Marketing For Business

Solar Panel Sales Strategy

3rd Party Websites

Being familiar with both solar professionals and their prospects helps SEO-dominating websites in facilitating solar-curious homeowners with quotes from multiple local installers.

Inbound Marketing

A robust inbound sales process attracts your business like bees to honey. A reader-friendly availability of the content provides value to curious homeowners when they try to make the decision to get a solar quote.

The online availability is inclusive of active social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram, along with paid Google advertisements and many more.


The existence of referrals can be your best form of solar leads. They usually come to you in a pre-qualified way. The major challenge for many SMBs, however, is building a system and network.

Solar Lead Lists

The solar industry standby is one of the most common ways for solar installers to find leads.

Property Data & Owner Info Platform

If you’re a dedicated yet motivated solar installer, you don’t have to rely on passive lead generation methods. While these certainly have their place in a well-developed sales strategy, depending on every single lead to contact you first is a recipe for snail-slow business.

Marketing Strategy For Solar Products In India On First Call

Once your digital marketing strategy initiates delivering warm leads to their customers, make sure to have the right tools and the proper process in converting those leads into customers.

All you need to do is to get familiar with solar calculators that can calculate the energy production that is possible from the rooftop of the customer. There are multiple options available, but Google’s Project Sunroof is a free option.

Paid alternatives help in providing additional detailed, graphical information so that they can highlight the prospects and more calculations for different options.

It is tempting to deliver a solar sales pitch about kilowatt-hours or explain feed-in tariffs in too many details.

Wrapping Up

Digital marketing strategies are one of the great strategies for any kind of business organization. If any organization is selling solar from home, they can use them to generate leads and get more sales.

Make sure to create ever-engaging content, optimize their online presence, and host events to attract potential customers. They can also use social media platforms to share content and engage with their audience.