Parrikrrama Solutions Gets A Boost In The Sales Conversion Using Solar Labs.

solar labs case study

About the company

The directors of Parrikrrama Solutions Private Limited Ketann Kilpadi and Viira Kilpadi both come with a vast experience in their respective fields.

Viira a professional Accountant with nearly 25 + years of experience in the field is the Director of Finance while Ketann who has solid 25 +years of experience in the field of project implementation and marketing heads the Sales, Marketing and Project implementation.

With clients in Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, and Sri Lanka, the success is an outcome of strategic focus on the industry, providing clients the best possible solutions, while keeping low project costs to the clients.

Recently Parrikrrama Solutions Closed a 100kWp plant in Maharashtra.

How Solar Labs is helping them close more clients?

Before visiting the customer, the team creates a preliminary proposal with the inbuilt google image to estimate the capacity, generation, and savings.

As solar labs have advanced tools such as Fill Face, designs were getting completed in just 20 minutes.

The most loved features of Solar Labs

1) 3D view with sun simulation helped the client to understand the shadows and how the building looks with solar

3D view with sun simulation

2) Estimated savings and cash flows helped the clients understand how much they will save going solar.

Estimated savings and cash flows

3) The report comes out as a complete presentation in a single document which reduced the time taken for decision making by the clients.

Professional reports

How they scaled up?

Using Solar labs, Parrikrama Solutions Pvt. Ltd was successful in closing more deals faster and helped more customers go green.

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