Advantex Solar Exploring Corners With Solar Labs

Advantex Solar Exploring Corners With Solar Labs

About the company:

Advantex Solar is a Solar EPC company that provides complete end-to-end Solar solutions for their customers with vision to make solar solutions economically viable for everyone so as to promote environmental sustainability.


Recently Advantex has closed a deal for a tremendous 115 kW Solar power plant in Odisha. In order to close this deal, the Advantex team chose to quickly design the site using Solar Labs and simulate it to propose an ideal capacity with an optimum Performance Ratio.

Let’s see what features of Solar Labs Advantex took help of in order to make their solar proposal stand out.

Solar Labs report features loved by Advantex and their client(s):

Estimated Savings:

It is one of the most interesting as well as informative pages of the Solar Labs report which converts this report to a detailed proposal.

This page highlighted the calculated financial values like Payback period, IRR and LCOE for Advantex making the design and financial step more efficient.

Solar Labs report features loved by Advantex and their clients

Note : Users need to input client requirements and pricing to add this page into their report

Integrated 3D view link:

The report that was shared with customer instantly attracted the client with its 3D view link on the very first page where it shows  (Click to view 3D model.)

This link took the client to the interactive 3D view of his site designed in Solar Labs where not only he checked out his site but also interacted with it using shadow analysis bars to map the shadow travel over his site and modules. The interactive 3D layout built confidence in the client on the technical ability and power projections

This link is said to build the trust between a Solar Installer and the client

Integrated 3D view link of Solar Labs


Above shown and similar Solar Labs integrated features made Advantex’s design and simulation report cum proposal stand out, getting them a deal of a 115 kW roof-mounted project.

The shareable 3D link of Solar Labs even helped the Advantex construction team to install the Solar plant by providing a clear view of the components in an interactive detailed 3D view.