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Does your business need a custom process handled? We take custom service orders and can complete a variety of project related processes.

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Custom Ordering, Made Simple.

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Your Business, Your Way.

Some processes take more time than they're worth and get in the way of key activities. Let us know and we could help by taking them off your hands.

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Desktop and Mobile illustration

Standardised Documentation.

Creating detailed, accurate documentation for every project can take a long time. With custom document services, we will handle the documentation and you can focus on the projects.


Selling Solar Is Now Easy.

Faster Turnarounds.

Sell better and faster. With a definitive sales plan and pricing system, create a personalised experience for each prospect.

Increased Conversions.

Increase conversions by bringing sales & designs on a single platform. Offer multiple iterations seamlessly & efficiently.

High Accuracy Designs.

Detailed terrain mapping aided by computer vision allows upto 99% accuracy in shade mapping, resulting in higher accuracy designs.

One Stop Solution For Solar.

What our users have been saying.

"Solar Labs solves for all our use-cases effortlessly and links our sales process perfectly."


Designer, Suntastic

"Solar Labs combines shadow effects, generation data and financials all in one place, helping us sell more solar."

Ankit Doshi

Designer, Waaree

"With customised sales proposals, we can now give multiple options to customers, helping them make an informed decision."


Designer, M+ Solar