Easily model your roof in 3D

View and edit the project site, make obstructions on roofs, nearby buildings, trees and hoardings. 

Create multiple buildings in one design from residential rooftops, sloping roof sheds to large RCC roofs.

Automated Panel Placement

Press a button to place the required number of panels on a roof. 

All design parameters like panel specifications, pitch, row spacing are automatically taken. 

Make the system shadow free & Record 3D Simulations

Click the Optimize Button to remove all the shade panels.

Use the sun simulation tool to make videos of the roof as the sun moves to record shade caused by parapet walls, water tanks, exhaust vents, row to row shading, etc. 

To decide the area for panel placement on roofs, we help you exclude low solar access spots. Using solar access instead of 9 to 3 solar hours on Dec 21 increases the total electricity generated considerably.

Calculate Energy Generation Values & Financial ROI

Meteorological data and shading analysis combine to predict near-exact electricity generation estimates for a design.

Losses caused by shading, soiling, mismatch, temperature, etc are incorporated and the results match with the leading simulations software like PVSust.

Integrate the The Solar Labs - Design Studio in your existing design workflow

We provide design elements compatible with AutoCAD and PVSyst. 

Import panel layouts in AutoCAD to make detailed wiring diagrams. 

Import files into PVSyst software for outputs required by banks and institutions.

Propreitary 3DLinks & Sales Proposals

For every design we provide a techno-commercial proposal to present to customers. This report is auto-generated with plant layout, monthly production values, attractive 3D view and financial calculations. With the link clients can view the 3D model in AR.