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Solar for Educational Institutes

By Siddharth Gangal and Aarushi Dave What do educational institutes and solar power have in common? Plenty of things! For starters, they both have a great future ahead and full of blooming potential. On the contrary, the power supplied by the utility grid is going to constantly boom in price. Additionally, the solar industry is

Financial Benefits of going Solar  

By Siddharth Gangal and Aarushi Dave While the sun maybe shining bright for solar industry in general, if you have opted to go solar, it will shine bright for you too!    While going in for a major investment like solar, as property owner, you are bound to have your apprehensions! But fear not, solar is

How Solar Cells Work   

By Siddharth Gangal and Aarushi Dave If you’ve come across the word “solar cell”, ample number times during your pre-purchase research, and are confused what exactly it does, here’s a brief guide to it! By definition, a solar cell is an electronic device, made of semiconducting material, that absorbs the rays of the sun, and

How Solar Energy works: Panels and Components 

By Siddharth Gangal and Aarushi Dave What is Solar Energy really?   Simply speaking, it is energy from  the sun. This energy is, in the form of photons and can be used to generate electricity using photovoltaic cells.   Using a solar system installation, this energy can be harnessed and used to power your home, office or

Why installers should use The Solar Labs

By Siddharth Gangal and Aarushi Dave Decided to use software? We’ll take care of your needs!   As we’ve mentioned in earlier articles, utilising solar software for your projects as an installer, will have benefits in leaps and bounds! It will give accuracy in system design, orientation and placement of panels, and add on to the

Why Solar Installers should use software

By Siddharth Gangal and Aarushi Dave Solar installation needs intelligence, not intuition!   We live in a country with a rapidly expanding solar industry, which very recently achieved the notable feat of 20GW of installed solar capacity and is also blessed with abundance of sunlight for most parts of the year. To add on to this

NPV, IRR and Payback Period

 By Siddharth Gangal and Aarushi Dave  Your solar plant is an asset that makes you money. In fact presently, higher prices are recorded for property with solar installation! While the journey to an installation may be technically complex, there are financial details too that you must get clear.   As a consumer, viewing multiple quotes before

Site Survey Simplified

By Siddharth Gangal & Aarushi Dave A Site Survey is done after the preliminary conversation over phone call. This is the best chance to show them your quality, knowledge and good service and convert them by doing a professional site survey. What exactly is a Site Survey?  A Site Survey is done to collect information

Solar Panels: Should You Invest Today or Tomorrow?

Is it better to invest in solar panels now or wait and install them in the near future? In theory, this idea makes a lot of sense: solar panel costs have plummeted. Over the years the declining prices have resulted in great solar growth. Deferring your solar investment will likely result in a cheaper installation