About Us

We are technologists with a vision to help spread solar in the world.

What we do

Our Vision, Mission & Culture


To accelerate the pace of solar rooftop adoption through innovative technology & services


To provide solar developers with substantial improvements in their workflow and best solar system design practices possible


And to build a great company that attracts, develops, excites, and retains amazing people


This is how we think and act

We plan well but do not get stuck in analysis paralysis.

We have a bias for action

Validate learning based on trial for products, culture, sales, marketing, everything!

Do whatever it takes to do the task at hand.
It might be learning an entirely new craft or something you’re uncomfortable with doing.

Get your hands dirty and do it.

We don’t follow a top-down command approach. We discuss as a team what to do.

OKRs from the board to interns are public for everyone to see so we know what’s going on.

We hold each other accountable.

We align ourselves strongly with the vision and get stuff done.

We favour solving the more difficult things more than making marginal improvements

It’s said you become an average of 5 people you spend most time with

Exceptional people challenge each other and make us better

The team

  • The Solar Labs: Ankush Jindal | Solar Software

    Ankush Jindal COO

    IIT Mandi CS ’17, Operations and Product guy
    Eats data for lunch

  • The Solar Labs: Siddharth Gangal | Solar Software

    Siddharth Gangal CEO

    IIT Mandi EE ’17, Solar Evangelist
    Wants to do his bit to save the world from global warming.

  • The Solar Labs: Aswin | Solar Software

    Aswin Co-Founder

    IIT Mandi CS ’17
    He can write code while he sleeps
    Wants to create great products to have an impact

  • The Solar Labs: Abhay | Solar Software

    Abhay Co-Founder

    Tech enthusiast who loves challenges
    Wants to build something great

  • The Solar Labs: Saurabh Mittal | Solar Software

    Saurabh Mittal Advisor

    Head- Leadership Development at Fractal Analytics
    IITD ’86, Oxford ’01
    Advises us on strategy and building teams.

  • Satvasheel Powar Advisor

    The person who has with us from ideation phase
    Advises us on all things solar

  • Abhay Vaish Advisor

    CTO, Ericsson India
    IITR ’89. Mentor to the team and advises us on product strategy and technology management

  • Alok Gupta Advisor

    Global Vice President at IBM Watson Imaging
    IITKGP ’86, UPenn ’91
    Mentors the team on Product Development & Computer Vision

  • Devang Bacharwar Co-Founder

  • Awanish Singh Solar Design

  • Viba Mohan Design

  • Code, code, code

  • Presenting work during the weekly sprint demo

  • Code

  • At the conference room

  • Team Dinner – perks of startup life!

If you want to join a team that thinks like we do, we are happy to hear from you.

Please email us at info@thesolarlabs.com

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